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Zootoo specialises in the production of Company Overview Videos.  The importance of a Company Information video is often overlooked.  A short introduction video of your company, to explain the services and products offered, is an invaluable marketing tool that can reach a big audience.  Our production crews are skilled in the planning, production of company summary videos for various industries, including the logistics, industrial, automotive and mining sectors.

Logistics Company Overview - Kodav - 3 mins

Industrial Company Overview - CNC Clear Cut

SGS Company Overview

Gree - Industrial Company Overview

Corporate Overview Video – Why you need one?

A corporate information video or company overview video can have plenty of applications.  It is a very effective and error free way of communicating your products to prospective clients.  It done well, you are always ensured that your products and services are introduced to clients in a professional and seamless manner.

Company Overview videos can also double up as Youtube adverts.  An effective Youtube campaign can reach thousands of people in a very targeted market segment that would otherwise be very time consuming.

Other applications include the use on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and your own website. It is also often used in Office lobbies or waiting rooms to familiarise your clients with your products and services.

How is a Company Summary Video made?

Planning is key!  After a thorough planning meeting with your marketing team where the central message and the target audience is identified, our production team will work with you to conceptualise the content of the video.  Once finalised, a storyboard is drawn up and we are ready to start planning the shoot.   The time for the filming of the video depends on the complexity of the content and the number of locations.  Once shot, a draft is edited and resented for approval upon which the client can make changes.  Your Company Information video can be finished within a week from you instruction us.

Zootoo have produced Company Summary Videos for an array of clients, including the following:

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