Live Streaming of Events

Zootoo specialises in the live streaming of events.  Whether you are looking to stream a conference, a function, or even a wedding, we have the solution for you.  Platforms like Youtube Live Streaming and Facebook live Streaming now allows for people to attend your event or conference from a remote location.  But apart from the remote attendance benefit, a live video of your event can also save you on the cost of of venue hire.  You can now hire a smaller auditorium and let most of your delegates and guest attend the conference online.

Our specialised team of streaming video professionals can combine footage from multiple cameras and mix it into a seamless video feed that can then be broadcasted live on online streaming platforms like Youtube and Facebook.

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Live Streaming of Events – Why you need it?

With the advance of accessibility to internet over the last decade, the live streaming of events have become more viable and a lot more cost effective.  Live platforms like Facebook live and Youtube live has also made it easier to live stream content with minimal equipment and hardware.

With the outbreak of the global pandemic in 2020, the hard lockdowns imposed on societies across the world have brought live streaming and conferencing services like zoom and teams even more to the forefront, which in turn has helped propel the streaming services to the forefront.  With many countries still restricting public gatherings, live streaming has now become an essential element to replace the physical gathering of people.  Churches have embraced this technology to broadcast their sermons.  Weddings are being live streamed so that guest that cannot attend due to health or travel restrictions, can still do so virtually.  In essence, live streaming is a service that is here to stay.

How to live stream – How does it work?

A live stream with multiple camera feeds can be mixed into one continuous video feed by a video mixer that will monitor the camera feeds on a screens and then choose which to display in turn.  This feed is then uploaded to the internet as it happens.  Where a stable WIFI connection is available, that will be used, but if not, we will provide a solution that connects to the cellular network to tap into the internet.

Delegates and guests are given a URL beforehand where they will be able to watch the event live.  Live events are automatically recorded on platforms like Facebook and Youtube and this enables viewers to tune in again at a later stage or catch up on the video feed when it suits them.

If you are interested in a Video streaming service of or live streaming of an event or wedding, contact us today for a free quotation.