Corporate Incentive Travel Videos – Capture your Tour!

Zootoo specialises in the production of Incentive Tour Videos.  Incentive Trips has become an increasingly popular way of rewarding best performing employees.  Our videographers travel with the group to document their activities, rewards dinners and teambuilding exercises.  When the trip is done, we edit a summary of the tour as a keepsake for the individuals.  This video is also often used by companies to further motivate their employees to qualify for the next tour.

Incentive Tour Video Amsterdam - 1 min

Incentive Travel Video Cancun, Mexico - 6 mins

Corporate Incentive Video Caribbean Cruise - 7 mins

Incentives Video Amsterdam & Iceland - 6 mins

Incentive Tourism Video Paris & Dubai - 6 mins

Corporate Travel Video Marbella & Madrid - 9 mins

Incentive Travel Videos – Company Benefits

Rewards and Incentive programs are used by many companies to motivate their employees to perform.  If your company offers a tour to an offshore destination as reward, then if might be very beneficial to take a videographer on the trip with you to capture the events and activities.  Employees will love the keepsake summary video that is made.  Furthermore, your company can use this video to further motivate employees to qualify for the next years Tour.  Incentive Travel Videos is a fantastic add-on to a fantastic employee experience.

Another benefit of having a videographer travel with you is that you can record other motivational videos with senior staff and management that travels with the group.  These videos can be done in exotic settings that cannot be achieved back on home soil.

How do we operate?

Our experienced videographers will travel with the group and stay in the same hotel as the qualifiers.  This enables them to not only capture each and every activity, but also to get extra footage of the destination that is visited.  Zootoo has accompanied groups for Incentive Travel Videos since 2014 and we have done trips to the following destination – Hong Kong, Beijing, Mediterranean Cruise (Italy, Spain, Greece), Paris, Dubai, Caribbean Cruise (Jamaica, Haiti, Mexico) Miami, New York, Cancun, Marbella, Madrid, Amsterdam, Reykjavik, Berlin, Dubrovnik.

Zootoo has worked with the following Corporate Incentive Companies on Offshore Trips:

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