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Zootoo specialises in Video Marketing solutions for Youtube and Social Media.  The use of Videos and Video Adverts for marketing have grown phenomenally over the last few years.  Not only is it an effective and professional way of marketing, but it has also proven to be one of the most cost effective channels to reach a targeted audience.

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Video Marketing – The future of Advertising!

Social video advertising has become a powerful tool to promote your product or service.  With a carefully crafted video ad, companies can now reach targetted audiences by using Social Media Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.  With the advance to technology and the increase in popularity of Video Advertising, the production cost has come down considerably.  Video ads are now a very affordable and cost effective marketing method that is utilised by almost every business.

An well produced advert that was properly planned and expertly targeted on Social Platforms can be far more effective in penetrating the target audience than traditional Television Adverts.  Social Channels like Facebook and Youtube has enabled small to medium sized businesses to now also use Video Advertising as a marketing method where this tool was only accessible to larger companies in the past.

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Video Advert Production – How does it work?

Our Video Advertising specialist will guide you from concept to completion. We will use our extensive experience and video production knowledge to help you to formalise an advert that will effectively convey your message to the defined target marketing.  Once the advert is completed our Social Media Experts will further guide you with the advert setup on Facebook, Youtube or Google Adverts, to get the most our of your allocated budget.

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